Ensuring Proper Roofing Inspection And Repair

Having a reasonable roof overhead has significant importance. There are several reasons why you need a stable roof. For instance, your roof will provide you the proper coverage that will prevent any damages to your home. Likewise, a good roof overhead can help control the temperature in your home. Ultimately a roof is instrumental if you want a healthier and happier home for your family. Whether you have an old roof or a brand new installation, you’ll find the following maintenance tips helpful in extending the life of your roof, even exceeding the 15 years warranty that comes with standard roofing in Orlando FL.

Ensure Proper Inspection of Your Roof Two Times a Year and Whenever There Is A Heavy Storm

Make it a plan to ensure you regularly check your roof during spring and fall and when there is a major storm. You need to check both the inside and outside of the roof during these inspections. An inspection after the storm is necessary as you can check for damages early, such as broken tiles or debris that you can deal with there and then. Make sure you safely inspect the roof and have appropriate means like ladder and binoculars.

Trim All the Tree Branches that Are Overhanging

When you inspect your roof, keep a check on any branches that may be growing and spreading near your roof. A good practice is to trim these branches. Remove falling leaves and pine needles that can reach the valleys of your roof. With time these falling leaves will gather moisture that can cause your tiles to decay, and rainwater can soak through such tiles, further wrecking your roof foundation and structure. By being proactive and trimming the branches that can damage your roof, you can protect the structure of your roof.

Remove Debris From Your Roof

You should ensure to remove all debris from your roof during the inspection. If you leave dirt, pine needles, and other debris unattended, it will eventually lead to mold and mildew damage to your roof. By keeping your roof debris-free, you are removing any occurrence of damages to your roof. Your roof will remain in good condition for a long time.

Take Immediate Care of Mold and Mildew

The most prominent indicator of mold and mildew on your roof are black spots. Do not take mold lightly, as if you leave it unattended, and it can reach the structure of your roofing tiles and roof and weaken your roofing structure. You can use zinc strips to protect your new roof from mildew. Zinc will wash off the strips every time it rains, preventing the spread and growth of mold and mildew. For older roofs, you can buy a mold remover that is exclusive to removing mold from the roof. Later you can attach the zinc strip to your old roof.

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

A clogged gutter is one of the main reasons you may experience roof damages. When a drain is clogged, it can soon lead to water reaching your roofing materials and damaging them. A clean gutter will function properly at all times, which means it will keep rainwater at bay when it rains and keep your roof and roofing tiles protected.

Repair or Replace Broken Shingles and Roofing Tiles

Do not think that a few broken shingles or damaged tiles will not damage your roof. You will want to remove and replace any damaged shingles as you do not want these breakages to bring damages to your roofing structure. While you may not think a small corner torn on tile matters, it can lead to further damage and costly repairs if left unattended.

Replacement of Sealants on Roof

It is common for old sealants on the roof to show signs of wear and tear, and you should keep a check on cracks or missing pieces. If the damages are visible, do not cut corners on cost and clear away the old sealants and replace them with fresh ones.

Check Your Chimneys for Cracked Mortar

A mortar is holding the chimney bricks, and if it breaks, it can not only damage your roof but also result in bringing down the heating system in your home. You will ensure that on every inspection, you give a good look to the chimney and check for any cracked pieces or missing mortar, and replace the damaged parts.

Ensure Timely Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall will often lead to a snow pile-up on your roof. It goes without saying that if you leave the snow unattended, it would add up and exert more pressure on your roof. This will ultimately damage your roof and may lead to mold. Freezing and thawing will eventually lead to the ice lining up to roofing tiles when the spring thaw hits.

Get Professional Inspection

You should always side with a professional inspection at least once a year, even if you keep checking your roof. Professionals have years of experience in roof repair, and they can spot problems that you may have missed and fix them before it becomes a bigger problem. If your roof’s a decade old, it is more important to get a professional inspection service. You can save more money by calling in for professional inspection than spending money later on costly roofing repairs. You may also find roof repair inspectors that offer free consultation and no-obligation quotes for roofing repairs.

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