Vacation in Grenada

Grenada has a reputation for being a very beautiful country. The people of Grenada call it “spice island” because the famous spices are grown there. The hillsides of Grenada are covered with fruit trees, and its beaches have white sand. The capital city is called St. George’s and is on the northern coast. Tourists enjoy taking boat tours to see the marine life in the crystal-clear water offshore from some of these beaches. There are also more remote beaches that require a ride inland by truck to reach them.

Grenada was once a colony of Great Britain. Like many former British colonies, Grenada now has its own currency, the East Caribbean dollar (EC$), and uses the same time zone as the United States—one hour behind Eastern Standard Time. English is spoken along with a native language called “patois” or Creole. The people are mostly black, but there are also white and Asian residents. Most of them live in St. George’s or on one of the nearby tropical islands such as Carriacou or Grand Étang that are nearby off the northern coast. There are also several small villages inland from St. George’s where fishermen live and work.